საოცარია ამ კაცის ყველა ფოტო!

Originally posted on Steve McCurry's Blog:

It was a privilege to go to the Omo Valley in Ethiopia with my friend, John Rowe, to photograph
the work he is doing with Lale Labuko in their work to end the practice of mingi and to house
and shelter the mingi children who have already been rescued.

I met John in Burma a few years ago. He is a photographer and
successful businessman
who has founded companies which develop software
for digital media and the entertainment industry.

He has also devoted a tremendous amount of time, energy, and
financial assistance to the work of Omo Child.

 John Rowe and friends 

Lale was born into the Kara Tribe in the Omo River Valley.
He was one of the first of his tribe to receive a formal education.
That opportunity led him to realize the critical importance of ending the tribal ritual of Mingi.
Outlawing and stopping this devastating practice of…

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  1. მართლა შთამბეჭდავია

  2. საოცარი ფოტოგრაფია. როგორც ჩანს დაინტერესებულია აღმოსავლური სამყაროთი. მეც სიამოვნებით ვიმოგზაურები ამდენს მსოფლიოს გარშემო…

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